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The Healthy & Classic Vending Company

Welcome to our Pre-Paid Vending Card Members Area.

Many of our machines in fitness & leisure clubs, schools, universities and shopping centres are now fitted with a cashless card reader on which our Pre-Paid Vending Cards can be used.

Our Pre-Paid Vending Cards enables our regular customers to purchase from our machines without the need to carry cash.

This system also enables Parents or Guardians to provide their children with a daily allowance for buying healthy snacks and drinks from the THVC Healthy Vending Machine in their school.

Our Pre-Paid Vending cards offer our members a discount structure of up to 10% when they top-up their cards.

It is simple:

1. Create an account
2. Register a new Pre-Paid Vending Card
3. Top-up the card with funds from your Credit or Debit Card
4. We post your card/cards
5. Swipe at the machine to buy your snacks or drinks
6. Check out our promotions when you next top-up to make use of our discount structure.